planntt is a simple todo application that is built with a focus on keeping your data yours. We store your projects and todos locally on your computer, making planntt suitable for use at companies that have strict data policies.


  • organize tasks in projects
  • add notes to tasks in the Markdown format
  • organize your tasks easily with a INBOX, Today, This Week, Waiting For, and Someday workflow
  • Store your data on any folder of your choice for easy backups (or syncing via Dropbox/Google Drive)
  • Keep a searchable archive of all your completed tasks
  • Export your archived tasks to CSV for your own analysis
  • Quickly see tasks with deadlines in order of upcoming deadline
  • See your statistics for tasks completed per day, per week, per month, as well as find out what times of the day/week you are most productive


Alpha versions of planntt can be downloaded below:

0.0.47 (see Changelog) 7 April 2019 Tested on
Windows Removed Windows support due to ridiculous digicert renewal fees (110$ first year vs 499$ 2nd year) Windows 10 Home
macOs dmg High Sierra (10.13.4), Mojave (10.14.2)
linux AppImage Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (see the FAQ for Linux specific instructions)



How do I delete a project?
Right-click on a project and select the option to remove the project.

What happens with the tasks in a deleted project?
They will be moved to your INBOX.

How can I create a new subproject?
Right-click on a project and select the option to add a subproject.

How can I move a project to another project?
You can drag and drop projects onto other projects.

How can I rename a project?
Right-click on a project and select the option to rename the project.

How can I see the tasks in a specific projects?
Single click on a project; the task list will update to show tasks in this project and any of subprojects.

How can I move a task to a different project?
Drag and drop the task from the task list onto the project you'd like it to be a part of.

How can I rename a task?
Single click a task in the task list and click the pencil in the task details.

How can I change when a task will be tackled?
Single click a task in the task list and click on the desired period you want to tackle it. The currently selected period will be highlighted.

Linux installation complains about missing shared libraries such as
Install, for example on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libnss3

More Questions?

Ask on us on twitter: @plannttApp.

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